Monday, September 3, 2007

Build It And They Will Come

When Corin and Keridwen stepped down as B&B of Rowany, Stowe put together a box of personal gifts and presented it to them. I had intended to make a pennon each for both Corin and Keridwen, however Corin's had a watery mishap before it was presented and I've never gotten around to replacing it.

So this is Keridwen's...

With the Baron's Bodacious Bottles o Beautiful Bock (Kasiian's gift) and the MoG box in the background (MoG's gift).

Again, this pennant isn't researched, it was made from the same materials and paint used for the Shadowfall pennants. For the mottos, I used Adobe Illustrator to blow up the motto and mouse, using a 'gothic' font for the motto, which is 'Build It And They Will Come', something Mouse said frequently during their reign, but highly apt when you consider that she said it to us and this is a gift from Stowe.

I was really pleased with this banner and I think Viscountess Mistress Keridwen thought it was alright, too.


Mousicles said...

It's triffic. I really should iron it and actually display it at events.

I've been kinda slack since we stepped down... and having a baby makes me even less organised about SCA events.

But it is in a safe place and not so safe that I can't find it too.

Wenchilada said...

You should! Mind you, I didn't manage to heat set it, so I could always take it back, heat set it for you and then it'll be safer to display it at events...