Monday, September 3, 2007


These are the big rectangular banners. The first one here is the Stowe war banner, usually carried by the Stowe Champion. It was a joint project with MoG and I (all I will say is, "sodding laurels"). Here it is being carried by Master Baron Kasiian at Spring War, some time ago...

The next is a different Gonfalon. When Helene and Hrothgar were stepping up, they asked for a banner from each Peer, Household and sub-group. I decided Stowe should have a display banner. This one is quartered featuring design elements of both Stowe and Rowany devices and on the reverse is a large Stowe device.

It's not the best photo and I didn't get one of the reverse side. But you get the general idea. This one was researched (and I will have to go and dig it up now). It was designed by me and Ladies Hunydd and Kaedhlin assisted with the making of it. Both this one and the one above are machine appliqued and made using drill, except for the tree trunks which are something funky Hunydd found and give nice texture to the trees.

This one remains my favourite.

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