Monday, September 3, 2007

Amicitia & Hospitalitas

Friendship and Hospitality, sums up Stowe quite well. The banner you see with the heading of this page (accompanied with the rather dashing Wod & Sihtric) is the standard I made for Stowe in time for the first Stowe Faire. This one I put a least some research into and while it's not perfect, it is possibly more period than the other pennons I made. This one was made from an old linen bedsheet from Kasiian's grandmother and fabric paint with plain, white bias binding around the edges, instead of fringing or the stripey edge usually seen.

The division through the centre of the standard is embattled. I can't say I have seen many examples of a treated division in my research, but as the embattlements are part of the Stowe device, I decided to go with it, purely because it would look cool. The sun in splendour isn't a part of the Stowe device. Usually, she peeps up from behind the embattlements, so in this instance, I decided that we would see the rest of the sun and use it as a badge instead.

This standard gets out and about, usually on the warfield at Festival. I am still quite happy with it...

There it is, above the fort at Festival with Harry...

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